New Build Homes for Custom Residences in South Tampa, FL

New build homes are a dream come true for many homeowners who simply haven’t found what they’re looking for in existing South Tampa, FL homes. New construction not only makes it possible to create a perfect residence from the ground up, but it also allows you to avoid the frustrations and extensive repairs that often accompany older homes. Prefer to help create your home’s layout or landscape? Want to select brand-new, top-of-the-line appliances or building materials? New build homes are the way to go. And, nobody understands the specific nuances – or the unique appeal – of new construction quite like Galleria of New Homes, one of the leading experts in local real estate.

At Galleria of New Homes, anyone considering new construction can find qualified local home builders such as David Weekly and Ashton Woods to help bring their vision to life. Furthermore, in our interactive showroom, buyers can:

  • Explore various floor plans to find a blueprint that best meets their needs
  • Meet with independent contractors to discuss appliances, flooring materials, paint, and other customization options
  • Discover empty lots that are currently available or will soon become available for new build homes

Buyers can also consult with our local real estate experts to find out everything they need to know about the logistics of building a new home, such as what to do about various zoning regulations or historically preserved properties. Having worked closely with some of the most tenured officials and local service providers in South Tampa, we can help buyers address any issues that might arise during the new construction process.

To learn more about new build homes and whether they’re the right option for your needs, contact Galleria of New Homes today. We serve the entire South Tampa, Florida, area, including sought-after communities near the airport, the waterfront, and the area’s best schools.

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